Centrify Empowers Our Partners to Unleash P.E.A.K. Performance


I’m thrilled today to debut Centrify P.E.A.K. Performance, our new partner program!

This launch is the culmination of a long period of listening. We’ve spent months listening to our partners, customers, and internal stakeholders to construct a program from the ground up that we feel empowers the channel to successfully sell Centrify’s cloud-based Zero Trust Privilege services.

First, a step back. Why are we changing our partner program? Quite simply, a lot has changed over the past 6-12 months.

  • Centrify has changed. We’re now solely focused on stopping the leading cause of data breaches: privileged access abuse.
  • The market has changed. The demand for a cloud architecture Zero Trust approach to Privilege is now a primary consideration by almost every customer in every market segment and vertical. This has also coincided with a huge shift in the decision and procurement process of customers. We see much more of a consensus-buying approach, especially as adoption of Privilege involves the user, the devices and the data. So there are multiple departments and leaders involved, and lately the evolution of the DevSec role has also impacted decision-making within larger organizations.
  • Customer demand has changed. Regulation (GDPR, for example) has driven demand to look beyond the perimeter and examine who, what, where and when data or servers are being accessed, at a granular level. Cloud has also driven a change in the way customers consume any cloud architecture solution. Compulsory auditing and declaration of breaches has enforced the need to adopt a Zero Trust-centric approach to security and move away from legacy PAM and legacy security posturing.
  • Analyst recognition has changed. For example, Gartner listed PAM as a Top 10 Security Project for 2019.[1]

With these considerations in mind, Centrify P.E.A.K. Performance calls on four key tenets to drive partner success:

  • Profitability model tied to sales revenue and training achievements
  • Engagement tools and sales support to help partners find and win deals
  • Accelerated Go-to-Market tactics with dynamic marketing tools and sales programs
  • Knowledge with training programs to enhance the skills that make partners trusted advisors

We also have three newly-created tiers for partners to choose from, so they can select the level that makes the most sense for them:

  • Centrify Platinum Partner: Highest level of support, highest level of enhanced pricing, deep multi-competency requirements
  • Centrify Gold Partner: Focused support, medium level of enhanced pricing, mid-range multi-competency requirements.
  • Centrify Silver Partner: Self-serve support, lower level of enhanced pricing, multi-competency requirements.

We have also created the all new P.E.A.K. Performance Playbook, a comprehensive set of materials to get partners up to speed on Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services and selling quickly.

And finally, if you didn’t catch their announcement last week, Centrify is very excited to join Tech Data’s portfolio of enterprise security offerings. Our program is now enabled by a world-glass global distributor that all of our partners can leverage for extensive technical, marketing, and credit services.

Becoming a Tech Data partner is as simple as four easy steps:

  1. Go to https://register.techdata.com
  2. Select your region
  3. Select your payment option
  4. Complete the application process

Again, I can’t reiterate enough how excited I am to launch this program and empower our partners to be as successful as possible selling Centrify Zero Trust Privilege!


[1] Gartner, Top 10 Security Projects for 2019, Brian Reed | Neil MacDonald | Peter Firstbrook | Sam Olyaei | Prateek Bhajanka, 11 February 2019.

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