Messaging Security Service



  • Fully outsourced messaging security
  • 100% availability
  • Powered by F-Secure/ProofPoint (In a leader quardrant….on Gartner)
  • Available in 2 options to suit business of different sizes

Dataproof Messaging Security Service for SMB

DataProof Messaging Security Service delivers the industry’s most effective security for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) messaging infrastructures. The product offers an enterprise-class mail transfer agent (MTA) in a hosted package, along with capabilities for antispam, antivirus, and secure messaging.

Dataproof Messaging Security for Enterprise

The Dataproof Messaging Security Service delivers the industry’s most complete and effective security for email. It puts an end to threats coming from Internet but also can protect companies from sending information to third parties which contains internal or confidential information.

Messaging Security Service for Enterprise is suited for companies with the resources and need for enterprise level email protection including data loss prevention, email encryption and best-of breed malware scanning and spam filtering.

Unbeatable spam detection

Machine learning technology in Dataproof Messaging Security Service examines more than 1,000,000 structural and content attributes in every e-mail to block spam and phishing attacks. In addition, the solution automatically adapts to new attacks as they appear. The Update Service makes sure that your spam protection is automatically up to date at all times. Individually controllable scores for spam and adult content allow you to enforce zero-tolerance policies against pornographic spam. Antiphishing features prevent phishing and other identity-theft attacks from stealing personal information from employees.

World-class virus protection

DataProof’s antivirus technology offers comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, Trojans and other forms of malicious code. DataProof Messaging Security Service contains multiple virus scanning engines, supported by the industry’s fastest update reaction times.

Zero-Hour Anti-Virus Protection

F-Secure Zero-Hour Anti-Virus™ module protects enterprises against new viruses and other forms of malicious code during the critical first hours after new viruses are released and before anti-virus signatures have been updated. This adds another layer of anti-virus protection to your gateway defenses.

Enterprise-grade features and performance

DataProof Messaging Security Service is highly scalable. It is designed to be highly available, deployed in a cluster configuration and in geographically distributed data centres. The solution can handle tens of millions of messages per day.

Rapid deployment

DataProof Messaging Security Service is an easily deployed solution, and it immediately protects email users from all message-borne threats. The configuration of DataProof Messaging Security Service is completely browser–based, and the solution is interoperable with any email server solution.

Easy administration

DataProof Messaging Security Service has a centralized, completely web-based administration interface to a unified policy management framework. This guarantees that the enterprise messaging policies are applied consistently. You can also define and enforce different policies for different groups of users.

Outstanding reporting

The reporting function includes more than 60 graphical reports that give complete visibility into the state of your email system. “Active” reports and alerts deliver important information, and also let you take immediate action (for example, simply click a link to block an abusive sender).

Easy end-user controls

Easily readable end-user reports and controls – such as end-user digests and personalized safe lists and block lists – give users complete control over their own spam filtering preferences. For global deployments, end-user interfaces can be presented in a wide variety of languages.

Key features:

Secures your network against spam, phishing, viruses, virus outbreaks, denial-of-service attacks, directory harvest attacks, and hackers – right at the gateway.

Machine learning technology provides highly effective spam protection and outstanding end-user controls via personalized quarantines, safe lists and block lists.

Outstanding virus protection with automatic updates of virus signatures and rules.

High-performance, scalable solution proven in the most demanding enterprise email infrastructures.

With F-Secure Zero-Hour Anti-Virus module protects against new virus outbreaks within minutes.

Email servers

Compatible with any firewall and e-mail server

Supported languages

English (User interface)

Identity management systems

Active Directory, Domino Directory and other LDAP sources