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How to Protect Your Critical Assets from Malware


How to Protect Your Critical Assets from Malware

Tripwire Malware Detection supplements the core FIM, SCM and foundational controls of Tripwire Enterprise.

No industry is spared from the damage threat actors inflict through malware, and their tactics and techniques are continually evolving to outpace detection methods. You can now reap the benefits of advanced malware detection to protect critical assets from attack using Tripwire Malware Detection.

Tripwire® Malware Detection supplements the core file integrity monitoring, security configuration management, and foundational controls of Tripwire Enterprise. Download this datasheet to learn how Tripwire Malware Detection:

  • Provides protection against known threats and zero-day exploits
  • Delivers immediate notifications within the Tripwire Enterprise console
  • Offers enterprise view of suspicious malware objects across all monitored systems
  • Protects from repeat malware attacks by keeping track of known malware
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Protecting Your Industrial Operations with Top-Floor to Shop-Floor Visibility

I am extremely pleased today to announce Claroty’s integration into Tripwire’s ICS security capabilities. The integration of our respective technologies, based on a shared vision of how the security landscape is evolving, addresses a fast-growing need within industrial enterprises for top-floor to shop-floor visibility across both business and operational environments.

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What to Do and What to Avoid When Implementing Security in the DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps is redefining the way organizations handle software development. But it’s also challenging security professionals in their efforts to manage digital risk. With that said, there are security teams need to be strategic about how they approach DevOps security.

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The MITRE ATT&CK Framework: Command and Control

Most malware these days has some level of Command and Control. This can be to exfiltrate data, tell the malware what instructions to execute next, or download encryption keys in the case of ransomware.


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