Cloud Migration Fundamentals: Overcoming Barriers to App Security [Infographic]


As more organizations move to the cloud, the line of responsibility in securing applications can become rather blurred.

The concept of control has historically rested in physical location and ownership. With the move to the cloud, however, the idea of security by proxy is changing and so should our approach.

First things first though, how do we meet the challenges that come with an increasingly cloud-centric world? Understanding what your responsibilities are is a great place to start, check out our neat infographic to learn more about the basics of moving to the cloud, and see where you might be on the right track, or where you might need to focus your attention.

Whether you’ve already made the move to the cloud or you’re in the market for a vendor, there are a few key things you’ll also need to consider before making a decision on a specific product:

  • Can I easily tune and revert rules to changing application needs?
  • Is the solution PCI compliant?
  • Do I have round-the-clock support?
  • How quickly can I deploy?

Additionally, there are resources available to help you understand exactly what moving to the cloud means, and how to navigate these changes.

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