Improve the ROI of Your Database Protection Investment


When an organization considers switching a mission-critical compliance or security system from one vendor’s solution to another it’s a very big decision.  There is expense involved in acquiring the new solution, it will take time and money to deploy and retrain staff, and it will take careful planning to avoid disruption in the transition.

Yet again and again, customers of legacy database activity monitoring (DAM) and database protection solutions still decide to make the change to Imperva SecureSphere after previewing how it works – and those customers have found that the investment will quickly pay for itself.

Customers Realize Rapid Time to Value

In order to provide objective proof, Imperva commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of several real customers who had made the change to SecureSphere.  Forrester constructed a three-year financial model showing the benefits that were realized.

Among other things, the study found that even though these customers had an initial investment outlay to purchase the Imperva solution, the investment was recovered in just 16 months, and over three years the organizations could expect to save millions. An infographic summary of their results is available here.

Scalability Matters

As the study indicates, infrastructure savings was a major benefit when using Imperva SecureSphere.  The reason for this? The SecureSphere platform architecture.  Put simply, it can do a better job, with fewer computing resources and less staff to maintain it.  That leads to significant cost savings and better results.

The SecureSphere platform is built on a more intelligent and scalable architecture based on the following advantages:

  • Monitoring technology with the intelligence to filter out non-security information from event logs up front (pre-processing) so irrelevant data never burdens storage and analytical processing resources.
  • A big data type collection subsystem, which enables nearly simultaneous capture and analysis of information in the process of database monitoring, migrating this information to long term archive storage only after real-time intelligence is gained. This stands in stark contrast to the legacy system’s requirement to first store data in a relational database system before using the information.
  • SecureSphere also reacts more quickly to security threats because its policy engine prioritizes security events, processing them separately from audit events, thereby removing latency that slows the legacy system’s reaction time.

Pre-built Security Intelligence

SecureSphere has an additional advantage when paired with Imperva CounterBreach.  The CounterBreach analytics solution provides pre-built security analytical logic plus machine learning to help organizations understand complex database user behaviors that have implications for risk and security.

Automation of these analytics makes customers more effective security practitioners, and can help them address issues before they lead to much bigger problems, such as a compliance violation, or a major data breach.

The combination of better scalability, and automation of analytics through CounterBreach, means SecureSphere can monitor and correlate events in real time and respond more quickly.  We have proven this value advantage many times in head-to-head customer bake-offs.

It All Adds Up

Again, our goal in working with Forrester was to provide objective evidence of SecureSphere benefits, and let the real customer results speak for themselves.  In the end, our customers gained millions of dollars in cost savings, and on-going productivity advantages that will last.

Read the full study for yourself, titled The Total Economic Impact™ of Imperva SecureSphere.

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